Frequently asked questions

Where will I need music in the wedding ceremony?

The standard wedding ceremony usually follows this format:

  • Prelude (15-20 minutes of music before the ceremony)
  • Processional(s)
  • Bride’s Processional
  • Music within the ceremony
  • Recessional

I am not familiar with the parts of the wedding that would require music, could you define them?

Prelude — This is basically welcoming music that helps set a mood as your guests arrive to take their seats. (It typically starts about 15-20 minutes prior to the ceremony.)  Often times the couple gives us a general sense of the mood they would like to create; such as romantic, elegant, modern and allow us to put together a set-list for them. You are welcome to select specific pieces and artists you like too! This helps us to better customize music to fit your style.

Processional — Wedding ceremonies usually have 1-3 processionals.  We recommend 2 processionals for an average size ceremony: one for the wedding party, and one for the bride.   The first processional can be played for honored guests (parents/grandparents, etc) and bridal party and the second processional for the bride. Depending on the venue and/or size of your wedding party, you can also choose a third piece to be played for the honored guests as they walk in before the bridal party.

Music Within The Ceremony — Many wedding ceremonies have at least one or two musical selections during the actual ceremony.  Often these selections serve as musical accompaniments to the candle lighting, sign of peace, communion, or other celebratory rites. Musical interludes can also be used as a moment of reflection within the ceremony.

Recessional — The grand finale! This piece is usually jubilant in nature, and is played as the bride and groom walk down the aisle as husband and wife.

Can you explain what is provided in your fee?

Our fee includes the following: Unlimited phone/email consultations to help you select your music, all prelude/ceremony or cocktail music (depending on the service we are providing) and travel. Our fees are based on what type of event you are booking us for…not by the hour.  For example, a wedding ceremony is a set fee.  If you would like us to also play your cocktail hour, we will happily quote you a discounted price.  (We will also give you a competitive quote even if your cocktail hour is not at the ceremony location)

Can you describe what is provided the day of the wedding?

In the case of wedding ceremonies, we generally begin playing 15-20 minutes before the service while the guests are arriving.  This helps set a calm and welcoming mood for guests.

Once cued, we will begin playing your ceremony.  Here are some places where music is generally played:

  • As mothers/grandparents enter
  • Bridal Party
  • The BRIDE  (Processional)
  • Recessional / Exit music

Here are some additional places where music can be added within a ceremony:

  • Between readings
  • The Unity Candle
  • Flowers to the Blessed Mother
  • Communion
  • Breaking of the glass
  • Special blessings

Please visit our Repertoire page for a more detailed breakdown of music as well as a list of some of our most requested pieces.

What if I do not see the song I want on your repertoire list?

The selections listed are only a small portion of the music we own and can provide.  We have a large collection of classical, jazz standards, love songs, pop ballads, Celtic and movie titles that can work beautifully for your event.  Please ask about our list of wedding songs available!

When do you arrive at the venue the day of the wedding?

Whether it is a wedding ceremony or private party, we always arrive early to set-up and get acquainted with the venue. Generally we arrive about an hour before we start performing.

Do you play outdoor wedding ceremonies?

We do play outdoor events with the understanding that there is a plan “B” in case of extreme or inclement weather.  Our instruments are extremely valuable and sensitive to extreme cold/heat/wind…not to mention water.  (Many venues offer an option to have your ceremony inside in case of rain). We cannot play outdoors if the weather is too cold (under 60 degrees) or if we are in direct heat/sunlight. We ask that a shaded/sheltered area be provided in the case of these extreme weather conditions.

Do we need to provide microphones for the musicians?

We own all our own amplification equipment and will use it if needed…..even outdoors! We will sometimes require a power source for a keyboard or larger amp. This is always discussed as part of the planning experience.

Do you play cocktail hours? Do you offer a discount if we book you for both the ceremony and cocktail hour?

We are also available to play cocktail-hour or reception music individually or as part of a package deal. Book us for more that one service and we will discount the second!

I have no idea what kind of music I want for my wedding! Can you help?

Of course! We have all of the most popular wedding songs available, from classical to modern choices. For our most requested songs, please look through our Repertoire list or listen to some of our Audio tracks. If you are not familiar with a song on our list, simply find it on www.youtube.com.

How will the musicians know when to begin the processional music?

If you have a wedding coordinator, he/she will take care of letting us know when everyone is ready. If you do not have a planner, it is a good idea to assign the job to someone to let us know when the bridal party is ready to walk down the aisle. We will discuss this as part of the planning process.

Will you attend the wedding rehearsal?

No, the musicians do not attend the rehearsal.

Will we meet with the musicians or contractor before our event?

We offer unlimited phone and email consultations to assist in you in planning the music for your event. In the some cases, we will offer a Skype meeting to speak or listen in person.

We would like to hire you for our wedding. What is the next step?

Please press the contact button featured throughout this website. This will give you a small questionnaire and create a weddingwire page for your wedding where we will be able to correspond with one another throughout the planning process. Michelle will then reach out to you once she has your information and give you a price quote. If all is to your liking, she will generate a contract and secure the date.